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    • Tips for smooth borrowing.
      • Borrowing money from Licensed Money Lender is not as easy as you think. Borrowers get rejected if they are deem to be of high-risk of default. MoneymoneySG show you tips for a smoother borrowing from licensed money lenders. Bring along … Continue reading

    • Loans and their ‘Face’ factor.
      • There are many reasons why we need to borrow. Usually it’s for emergency need which one need to get ‘instant’ cash for fast turnaround. Moneymoney.sg list down the type of loans and the difference between them. Borrowing money is often not … Continue reading

    • How much do I need to be earning to afford a car in Singapore?
      • Actually, not much at all! Even on a modest salary of $1,500 it is possible. Do you really want to buy it? Not really.Here’s why. Monthly installments for a car can be as low as $300. However, there are other miscellaneous costs involve … Continue reading

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